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 Give every child's dream a better chance

We aim to help every child colour the world by facilitating easy and streamlined access to quality guidance and education by providing them with a platform that helps them unveil their potential and introduce them to phenomenal and unforeseen opportunities.



"Equip children in search of guidance and mentoring with new routes to attain them by providing them with a platform to collaborate and connect with mentors and interest groups. "


"We seek to unlock the potential of the students by connecting them with the right opportunities and the right people."

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Personalized Profile Builder

Our personalized profile builder is filled with amusing questions and queries to gauge students interests and hobbies. Capturing such data helps us understand the student's learning needs better which is then used to create suggested customized learning paths and programs  

Search and Recommendation

The student can search for mentors and show intent to connect. The search is made seamless and easy to use. The recommendation system powered by a hybrid of collaborative and content based filtering uses the profile questions to match similar students and mentors.


Programs and Interest Groups

The platform quickly learns your interests and preference and introduces to you to programs and interest groups best for you. Our collaboration with multiple not-for-profit organizations and accomplished mentors enable us to pioneer fellowships that provide students with leadership development, cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to make a progressive social impact not only on themselves but the world at large.

Plan, Schedule and Document

Our stack behind the platform makes it effortless for all users involved to carry on with their communication without worrying about the nitty-gritty of it. We offer a range of built in tools to plan and keep track of the valued interactions taking place on the platform, as well as the option to continue them on third-party services outside the platform. Special nudges designed using behavioural architecture principles are blended into the interface assisting every student at each step to achieve his/her goals.



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